Adding a rock garden to your yard is an imaginative way to add depth and measurement to a mundane or flat area, or to present a component of surprise. The rugged appearance of rock adds earthy appeal, connecting a traditional yard to the natural world.

Rock Garden Concepts

river rock wide- True Lawn Care IncRocks can be utilized to define a slope, act as a substitute for a lawn, or end up being a service to a location where little will grow. Different areas of the lawn such as beds and sidewalks can be detailed or separated with an attractive arrangement of rocks, pebbles, or gravel. A rock garden can vary from an intricate massive task with many aspects and layers, to something as basic as a little corner adorned with gravel and river stones. Even a container can end up being a miniature rock landscape.

Rock gardens are low-maintenance and lend year-round structure to the landscape. For your rock garden to have cohesion, it must be well planned and developed. Here are some standard principles to get you began, and the landscaping experts at True Lawn Care are here to assist you.


Select and examine your site.

Where would a rock garden look best in your lawn? Even a front lawn can have a rock garden.

Collect concepts by looking at pictures of rock gardens on the internet and by visiting local gardens. Make an idea board or list with attributes you want to consist of.

Draw up a style.
When you have some basic concepts, make a strategy and draw a draft. For a bigger project, you may wish to seek advice from True Lawn Care. Bigger rocks are a challenge to set and raise in place, so it’s essential to understand ahead of time where you desire them.

Consider scale.
Use rocks and gravel that are in scale with your house and lawn. Huge stones can overwhelm a little space, while little stones will get lost in a sweeping landscape.

Choose a design.
Rough irregular rocks add rugged natural appeal, while smooth pebbles or clean white gravel provide a more formal appearance, such as with Japanese rock gardens and Zen rock gardens. Create an appearance that complements your home’s style and in addition to the remainder of the backyard.

Keep it natural.
Take a hint from Mother Nature by making the rock garden look like it belongs. Random groupings of stones will look more natural than putting them in cool rows or arranged patterns.

Your choice of colors to be used in the yard should not be considered in isolation. Always keep in mind how color interplays with the colors of other basic elements, with the other principles of landscape design, and with the overall objectives of your plan. The landscape planners at True Lawn Care are experts at landscape design and will work with you to create your perfect landscape.

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