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Get your FREE hardscaping rock landscape evaluation. True Lawn Care will carefully evaluate the health of your current landscape and lawn, and give you the best and most cost-effective rock landscaping options for your property, to produce the rock landscape you’ve been dreaming about. Landscape, lawn maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, weed control, seasonal color, and more! We’ve got ALL San Diego landscaping covered.

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Rock Landscaping Services

Rock landscaping is the latest front and backyard landscaping idea that is trending all over the world. With the current drought and unpredictable and warmer weather and other maintenance issues, the traditional lawn and shrub style is losing its appeal, and people at every level are looking for more drought-restistant and water-conserving ideas for their landscape. In San Diego, landscaping with rocks is overtaking conventional landscaping due to the following reasons.

  • Survival in the harsher and dryer environment and continuing drought conditions in Southern California
  • Requires Low Maintenance
  • Better water conservation
  • It looks the same at any the time in the year
  • Makes you feel that the yard is larger
  • The scope of more diversity in the yard

True Lawn Care Inc. has extensive experience working with rock landscaping in San Diego. We have helped property managers and homeowners improve their landscape appearance and plant health, as well as reduce their water needs. We work with local materials and plants suited to our region, thus reducing maintenance requirements, ongoing irrigation needs, and conserving water.  Ecology-friendly landscapes that beautify the landscape – save money and improve the appearance of the community as a whole.

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Rock Landscape – Front Yard

Gone are those days when people thought that good landscaping required growing more plants in the lawn. With our Southern-California drought, we’re refocusing and using water conserving techniques, often filling the lawn with stones and then planting small shrubs in between the stones. This gives a soothing look to your eyes, requires less water to maintain, and also requires less maintenance.

Your front landscape is the very first thing your visitors see when they arrive at your property, and we all know – first impressions are lasting. True Lawn Care landscaping with rock will make a great impression!

Starland lawn - True Lawn CareStarland2 rockscape
- True Lawn Care Landscape Irrigation
- True Lawn Care Landscape Irrigation
- True Lawn Care Landscape Irrigation

Rock Landscapes Add Impact

Rock landscape (rockscaping) offers options for any landscape design, new or existing, with “centerpiece” islands built to take advantage of natural features in and that complement the existing landscape. At True Lawn Care Inc., we design for the best aesthetics, low maintenance, and water conservation to save you money. We’ve been doing this for years. It’s one of the most frequently requested services by our commercial and HOA customers.

- True Lawn Care Landscape Irrigation
- True Lawn Care Landscape Irrigation

Rock Landscape – Backyard

Steep hillsides are a frequent part of backyards, especially in the East and North San Diego County. We utilize the natural topography of your property using rock and local drought-resistant plants and shrubs to beautify those difficult areas, designing for low maintenance and minimal water use.

- True Lawn Care Landscape Irrigation

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Your perfect landscape awaits. It all starts with a FREE ESTIMATE! Let’s get the ball rolling on your new landscape project. We are landscape experts and will provide you with the best landscape and lawn care services, and all at affordable prices. Commercial properties, HOAs, and homes – True Lawn Care Inc. has you covered!