True Lawn Care Landscape & Lawn Care Work!

We are proud of our commercial and residential landscape and lawn care work throughout San Diego! Our crews are the best, and very dedicated to the work they do each and every day! We’ve put together examples of our work, ranging from very small residential back (or front) yard projects like potted plants and fountains, elevated planters and tree enclosures, and on to complete makeovers.

Transitions from grass lawns to water-saving rock  (and natural) landscapes featuring native plants local to San Diego. Landscapes that meet San Diego’s and California’s aggressive water conservation policies, while showcasing what makes San Diego great in terms of our natural environment.

Recent Landscape Projects – Before and After

Entry Way Work – Residential Apartments

Apartment Front Entrance Before - True Lawn Care IncApartment Entrance After - True Lawn Care

Rock landscape work at Barona Station (Barona Casino)

Barona StationBarona Station True Lawn Care Inc

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