In San Diego, like so many Southern California communities, many people ask when should I fertilize my lawn. Let’s face it, when your lawn is looking a little brown, you may be tempted to spread some fertilizer on it for a quick fix. But the when, the how, and what time of the day you fertilize your lawn requires some careful consideration.

Don’t apply fertilizer when a heavy rainstorm is in the forecast. A downpour may wash the fertilizer away. But if you’re expecting a moderate amount of rain to come and to fall steadily for several hours, this is an ideal time to fertilize. It will save you from having to water the fertilizer yourself.

Do you have a lawn irrigation system?

Since heat and dryness are your enemies when fertilizing a lawn, avoid applying fertilizer to your grass during periods of severe drought unless you have a functioning lawn irrigation system in place. Your grass is stressed at such times, increasing the likelihood that a chemical fertilizer will burn it. The experts at True Lawn Care Inc. are familiar with the best way to apply lawn fertilizer here in San Diego and will provide you with a FREE lawn evaluation to help you make the most of your outdoor living spaces.

More information about the drought conditions and water conservation here in San Diego is available from the San Diego County Water Authority.

Do Your Part to be WaterSmart

The San Diego County Water Authority and its member agencies offer numerous programs to help achieve water savings both indoors and outdoors. Find new ways you can be Water-Smart.