Why you should Aerate Your Lawn For Best (and Healthy) Growth

Lawn aeration is a vital part of lawn care to keep your lawn looking lush and green… for the DIYers it’s an easy part of total lawn maintenance to overlook. Mowing the lawn seems an almost unattainable task on some weekends, so why would we want to add another time-consuming task to taking care of our lawn?

Owning and maintaining a beautiful lawn takes regular basic lawn care practices, including regular aeration. Turf lawns need the right balance of oxygen, water and nutrients to properly thrive. As one part of your lawn care program, aeration can help your lawn flourish by helping these elements penetrate down to the root zone.

A healthy root system is one of the most important aspects of a well-maintained lawn, and compacted soil can be one of the main deterrents to a beautiful lawn. Some lawns are too compacted or have a dense thatch layer, preventing air, water, and nutrients from getting down to the roots where they are needed the most. Aeration, the process of breaking up, or perforating, the soil so helps to give your lawn the air, water, and nutrients it needs, as well as works to relieve thatch build-up and encourages deep rooting of the turf.

Additional benefits of alleviating soil compaction include reducing water usage and requirements as more water is able to penetrate deep into the soil. This has the added benefit of reducing water run-off, saving you money, and saving water.

While all lawns benefit from regular aeration, there are a few situations that dictate whether or not any lawn is a good candidate for aeration. The more compacted a lawn is, the more necessary it is for you to have your lawn regularly aerated. If your lawn is the place where all the neighborhood kids come to play or your pets spend a lot of time running around the yard, you can be sure your turf is compacted and needs regular aeration.

Regular aeration is also necessary if your yard was established as part of a newly constructed home, your lawn was probably constructed on top of subsoil which was most likely compacted by construction traffic and the topsoil was in all likelihood stripped or buried.

Similarly, your lawn needs aeration if your yard was established by sod and soil layering. This is a process in which soil of finer texture, which often accompanies imported sod, is layered over pre-existing coarser soil, disrupting drainage as water is held in the finer-textured soil.

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